Live by Night

Actions take place in the territory of America during the period of the dry law. Everywhere there are strict prohibitions on the use and sale of alcoholic beverages. Law enforcement agencies closely monitor its compliance with citizens. But, at the same time, the number of people who want to drink in the country has not particularly decreased. Along with this, many people appeared who illegally engaged in the production and smuggling of these products. Every participant of such an illegal market understands how dangerous all this is for health and life in general.

The son of a police captain named Joe Coughlin also becomes a link in this underworld. He is fully aware of the end of his crazy life, but he is aggressively moving forward, earning good money on this business. With each new day the guy is convinced that you can only be trusted here. As life shows, such desperate people are waiting for one result, the bandits will simply eliminate it, taking all their power to their hands. Seeing that the game has gone too far, Joe tries by all means to resolve the situation, although at heart he understands that without the help of his father and his connections, he can not do. Official Trailer->>

American Made

The incredible story of the life of the pilot Barry Sil, who worked simultaneously for the CIA and the major drug cartels shown in this tape, is driving the crazy ceaseless desire of the protagonist, on the screen embodied by the unfading female heartthrob Tom Cruise, to tirelessly multiply his growing geometric wealth, necessary for his young children and a faithful pretty wife.

The director of the film, Doug Lyman, known to the general public for such films as "The Bourne Identity" and "Edge of Tomorrow", managed not only to tell the story of a criminal character extremely vigorously, charismatically and stylishly, but also to ridicule the actions of US law enforcement agencies, a considerable number of notable political figures involved in the events of the late 1970s and early 1980s who did not hesitate to use various methods to achieve their goals.

Thanks to this film, Doug Lyman stood on a par with Oliver Stone (the director of the notable paintings Snowden, Born on the Fourth of July, DFC: Shots in Dallas), his entire director's film career reveals through his work the true face of the American political world, ready to go to all sorts of tricks, in order to achieve an all-absorbing influence on a large number of states around the world.

The vigorous action of the picture makes it possible to reveal the essence of the conduct of unlawful acts of a single individual, drug traffickers and the political establishment. The whole point is in money. Enrichment by any means is the primary and truly important goal for literally every character presented in this tape. Enrichment of the bank account of a talented pilot, a pocket of an unholy drug dealer or an endless state treasury.

The hero of Tom Cruise clearly does not see the boundaries in his own impatience to get as much money as possible. And at the very moment when it's time to end a double game in the name of the safety of your family, everything becomes much more complicated and dangerous. Barry Sila will have to go to the end, which does not promise anything favorable ...

"American Made", thanks to its sparkling and, to a surprisingly light presentation in conjunction with the coverage of the problem of all-covering American interference in the internal affairs of various states, shown against the backdrop of the development of large Latin American drug cartels, is a well-verified and clearly worked out work, about the true value of the money earned and the inseparable influence of the activities carried out on the fate of the whole family. Official trailer -->

Wind River

In the desert on the territory of the Indian reservation "Wind River" the gamekeeper Corey Lambert finds the mutilated body of a young girl. An experienced hunter with a tragic past, he undertakes to help in the investigation of this matter to FBI agent Jane Banner, who finds herself in a world full of mysteries and violence. But will they be able to resist the sinister forces of these places, where the very nature is saturated with bitterness and thirst for revenge? ..

The first film since the time of "Dunkirk", which left me feeling. Heavy, sharply social, not giving false hopes. It is largely monochrome, because it clearly indicates - where is black, and where is white.

Two main images are well spelled out: a hunter with a load of guilt for the death of his daughter and a kind of moral foundations and a young FBrishchitsa who (in some ways!) Understands that she can not handle the task. Elizabeth Olsen has gone far from her sisters for interesting roles and large-scale projects - and she does not have a great talent, but she keeps the role perfectly. Renner is from the cohort that is revealed after 40 years. After his class role in "Arrival" this film is another qualitative mark on his way. One of the few American actors that I love so much to walk "on them."

"Wind River" is in many respects a festival film. This is a movie that you will not be able to revise under the mood. But to see it once with the right mood is necessary: ​​for a certain recalibration of the brain. Remember that we so like to forget.Official trailer -->

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